3ID2Plus becomes Smart Dataprod in no French-speaking markets

After 7 years with a French name and the same logo, the time has come to change and adapt to the new market trends.

3ID2Plus Group was born in France in 2014 to help Telecom operators with their engineering and technical documentation. Its founders Frédéric Piclin and Alexandre Sigwarth named it using an acronym with a French meaning. Effectively, 3ID2Plus means “3 more ideas”.

With this new company, they both want to enable Telecom operators to focus on their core business, giving the 3ID2Plus team its pre-engineering, engineering, and technical documentation tasks.

However, after the opening of Madrid headquarters, and seeing our clients having problems understanding our name and activities, we decided to change it for no French-speaking markets.

From this situation comes Smart Dataprod, directly linked to the business name of the Madrid office “3ID2Plus Dataprod”. With this new name, not only we are able to explain our activity to Spanish clients, but we can also contact with English-speaking companies. Smart Dataprod enables us to strengthen our international presence.

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