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5G and mobile connectivity: summer 2021 challenges

Covid-19 pandemic has been a big challenge for fibre optic operators. With a huge part of the population working from home, they had to take care that everybody would be able to connect. Now that the world is going back to normality, the challenge for summer 2021 focuses on another connection type: 5G.

5G during summer 2021

Although the covid-19 pandemic is not over, the come back to normality is a reality for a big part of the world and it brings back people movements. After they had to stay home during several months, users are back to travel. This situation brings higher needs in 5G connectivity, which becomes a challenge for all the operators.

The 5G challenges for operators

With the travel industry recovering, the challenge for 5G operators is to make sure that their users have enough cover in any destination they might go. Through roaming, the users need to access the sufficient cover during their international travels. The risk for the operators in case of connectivity issue is to weaken their brand reputation… and possibly loose clients to their competitors.

Investigations forecast there will be 210 million of users with 5G connection needs in 2026, much more than the current 4.5 million.

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