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Only 1.9% of Spanish people could live without internet

A recent study from the German telecom company devolo reveals data about Spanish people’s internet consumption and their wifi use. In Smartdataprod, our most interest goes to this extreme information: only 1.9% of them declare that they could live without internet.

The use of internet in Spain

In July 2021, devolo investigated on Spanish people’s internet consumption habits. The results are probably more surprising that what you could imagine. Effectively, 98% of them declare that they could not live without an internet connection. This result puts internet at the same level of importance as water and electricity uses for the population.

However, 93,8% of Spanish people consider that they have wifi connection problems at home.

Internet issues origins

When Spanish people are asked about the incorrect functioning of their wifi, 61.3% of them do not know how to answer. However, this result can be explained by the router localization within the house: the walls and furniture could be preventing the correct broadcasting of the wifi until the device.

For other internet issues sources, the survey respondents declared suffering connection defaults while using video streaming platforms or during videocalls. They are having less issues with documents downloads, e-mail sending, and social network platforms use. The challenges for the incoming years will be to reduce those issues to provide a quality internet connection to all users.

In a world where the internet use has been converting to a vital necessity for almost everyone, Smartdataprod wants to support the operators in delivering fibre to all the houses. Contact our commercial department to know more about our engineering solutions, designed for fibre optic deployment.

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