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Smartdataprod is the sum of committed people

Smartdataprod is
the sum of

committed ambitious

It is the result of creative and structured spirits with high sense of responsibility and commitment, with the desire of learning and growing.

Motivated by quick internal evolution possibilities, facilitated by the company.

María Perujo Manero

Director Ivory Coast

Bernardo García

Sales Manager

Clément Simoens

Activity Manager FR

Marta Rubio


Michelangelo Mazza

Client Manager

Ricardo de las Heras

Client Manager

Sergio Alcañiz

Director Spain

Marine Lubière

Marketing Manager

Gonzalo Mariñas

Activity Manager FR

Jose Carlos Rubio

IT Manager

Esperanza Dominguez

Cliente Manager FR

Gabriel González

Client Manager


IT Manager

Carl Eude

Production Manager

Laura García

Activity Manager FR

Luis Bayarri

Client Manager FR

Luis Javier Benito

Client Manager


Administration Manager