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We spend a third of our lives online

Since the advent of internet, users have been spending more and more time online. But do you know how much time this represents in a life? NordVPN published a study on its blog, and we gathered the essential in this article.

26 years on internet

Considering the study of NordVPN realized with Spanish, French and German internet users, we could calculate that European users spend an average of 26 years of their lives on internet. Spanish people spend more than 28 years online, French people 27 years, and for German people it is a little bit less, with “only” 24 years of their lives online.

To reach those high numbers, people are spending much more time than what they think online: from reading e-mails to following friends and celebrities on social media with, of course, the working time, there is an estimated weekly time of 56 hours spent online.

What are internet users doing during all this time?

The main use of internet connection for Spanish and German people is the streaming use, although Spanish people spend 8 hours a week on it, and German people spend half of this time on streaming platform. As for French users, they are mainly spending their connection time on social networks. You can find more details on NordVPN article.

An important information in this article is that we spend around 20 hours online exclusively for work. Moreover, 1 Spanish people out of 3 claims that he could not live without an internet connection.

At Smartdataprod, we make sure that internet users do not miss any connection, helping operators with the engineering of fibre and 5G networks. Do you need help with a project? Contact our commercial department to enjoy the expertise of our team.

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