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What is 5G

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about 5G and its impact on the population. While some people get excited about the potential of this new technology, others are afraid of a possible danger for the environment and human beings. In Smartdataprod, we are committed to give you explanations about what is 5G and its effects.

5G, a high potential technology

5G refers to the 5th generation of mobile networks. It comes after the 1G which started mobile telephony, the 2G which brought SMS to our mobile phones, the 3G which introduced internet in mobile phones, and its predecessor, the 4G, which enabled broadband connectivity to mobile telephony.
The 5G worldwide deployment started in 2019. The biggest difference with its predecessor lies in the speed involved. 5G enables browsing up to 10GB/second, which represents a loading time 10 times faster. For instance, a user who would like to download a movie could do it in a few seconds only. Another big advance is that 5G will enable connected objects to connect and share data in real time. We will truly belong in the “Internet of Things” era. Eventually, the main interest for internet users is the latency time reduction: the network answering time will be almost unnoticeable to human beings.

Is 5G dangerous?

The World Health Organization states that wireless technologies are level 2B carcinogens. This means that the probability to develop cancer from wireless technologies is as low as the probability to develop one from consuming coffee or pickled gherkins. In comparison, the consumption of alcoholic beverage and processed meat is indicated as level 2A, which means a higher risk of cancer. However, the WHO states that the effects cannot be appreciated in such an early stage of the deployment, which is why the organization is conducting other risks studies, which should be published in 2022.


For the moment, the 5G deployment seems to bring more benefits than risks for its users. The European Commission action plan forecasts its total deployment in urban areas for 2025.

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