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When will 6G come out

While 5G network is being deployed globally, the battle for 6G has already started between Asia, Europe, and United States. At Smartdataprod, we give explanations about what is 6G and its deployment forecasts.

What is 6G

6G refers to the sixth generation of mobile connectivity, which will come after 5G. Its speed will be higher than its predecessor, reaching 100Gbts. Additionally to the speed, its coverage also is impressive. 6G could be omnipresent, using satellites to cover the users. The latency could be lower than a millisecond.

This almost imperceptible latency brings progress with the world being more and more connected thanks to augmented and virtual realities. For instance, there will be progress on holograms, with high definition and real time broadcasting. Moreover, there will be more efficiency than with 5G, enabling energy savings and multiple connections at the same time.

6G deployment

Although the 5G deployment is still going on, the race through 6G has already started between the global powers. The battle occurs between Europe, Asia, and the United States.

China launched the first 6G satellite in 2020. This satellite weights 70kg and the objective with it is to make long-distance data transmission tests. Japan inverted more than 480 millions of dollars in investigation projects. The country’s goal is to realize the 6G deployment in 2025. South Korea is also working on it with Samsung, with deployment forecasts for 2028. The United States associated with South Korea for investigation projects and several American telephony companies created the Next G Alliance iniciative to progress on the investigation.

In Europe, Finland has been leading the investigation with a project started in 2019. The 6G deployment should be done by 2030.

At Smartdataprod, we are working with operators on the 5G deployment, but we are already thinking about the future markets. Do you have a Telecom project to develop? Contact us to see how we can collaborate.

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